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Mezzanine Stairs

Need new mezzanine floor stairs or staircases in the Sydney area? At Mezzanine Floor Sydney we don’t only custom design, build and install mezzanine floors, we are the manufacturers of custom design steel staircases for Industrial needs. Need to replace your old mezzanine floor staircase? Need repairs to an existing mezzanine floor staircase? We are here to help. Our qualified experienced team will come out and assess any issues and replace your old stairs and install a new mezzanine staircase. Where we can, we will just replace worn parts, always giving you the most cost effective solutions and our after sales support is second to none in the Sydney market.

Mezzanine Access Gates

Mezzanine Floor Sydney custom design and build access gates and pallet gates for all your mezzanine floor needs in the Sydney area.

One of the most common causes of injury in the workplace is falling from heights, so we take the deign and installation of all our access gates and pallet gates very seriously. From designing to installing we take of the entire process every step of the way ensuring you are left with a safe workplace that adheres to all safety regulations.

Mezzanine Stair Repairs

At Mezzanine Floor Sydney, we don’t only build new steel staircases for mezzanine floors in Sydney we also replace or repair them. Whatever condition your old steel staircase is in, we always give our customers the most cost effective solutions for every job we do, that’s why if we can repair your old mezzanine floor staircase we will! This means minimal disruptions to you business and quick results. We take care of everything for you.

Call us now for a free site analysis in Sydney, we will inspect your mezzanine floor staircase and let you know if we can repair it or if it needs to be replaced. We will always give you the safest most cost effective solution.


All our mezzanine floors are built with Australia’s Highest Quality Steel – Guaranteed!


Mezzanine Floor Sydney is a Family Owned Business

We are a team of licenced engineers and metal fabricators with over 20 years experience in the Mezzanine Floor Building Industry.

We Unlock the Hidden Space in Your Business!

We design and manufacture cost effective solutions to meet your need for more space!

100% Australian Owned

All our Mezzanine Floors are fully engineered and designed by qualified engineers right here in Sydney.

Australian Steel Built Tough!

All our mezzanine floors are built with Australia’s Highest Quality Steel – Guaranteed!

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If you have been holding back on investing in a mezzanine floor because of your financial position, now is the perfect time to think big and grow your business.

With the Government’s Stimulus Package announcing that small business owners can take advantage of up to $150,000 instant tax write off, now is the time to contact us for a free mezzanine floor quotation. Fill in the form for a free quotation and instant access to our finance company.