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How can you improve your limited warehouse space? Have you ever thought about having mezzanine floors installed in your Wetherill Park warehouse? We can construct a mezzanine structure that can help you improve your workspace and maximise your floor space.

Every business will need to expand at some point in time. If you need to add more supplies, products, or employees to your business, you may find your business outgrowing its building or warehouse. Instead of moving, selling, or buying a new building or property, contact Mezzanine Floor Sydney about our cost-effective mezzanine floors and structures.

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All our mezzanine floors are built with Australia’s Highest Quality Steel – Guaranteed!


Mezzanine Floor Sydney is a Family Owned Business

We are a team of licenced engineers and metal fabricators with over 20 years experience in the Mezzanine Floor Building Industry.

We Unlock the Hidden Space in Your Business!

We design and manufacture cost effective solutions to meet your need for more space!

100% Australian Owned

All our Mezzanine Floors are fully engineered and designed by qualified engineers right here in Sydney.

Australian Steel Built Tough!

All our mezzanine floors are built with Australia’s Highest Quality Steel – Guaranteed!

Are you ready to unlock the hidden space in your business premises ?

Whether it be a factory unit, warehouse or office space, we help business owners design a cost effective solution to meet their need for extra space. We can design a storage area, add an upstairs office area or a complete new level for anything you desire. Get a Free Quotation Today!